Our dedicated or shared service plans

Guineanet offers six service plans to serve the needs of professionals or private users supplying quality internet and data services ranging from 512 Kbps up to 3 Mbps, dedicated or shared.

For more capacity, please, contact us.                                                        

Service Plan

Prix H.T.

BASIC              Hasta 512 Kbps

   200.000 Fcfa

BASIC +            Hasta 1024 Kbps

   400.000 Fcfa

PRO                  Hasta 1.538Kbps

   600.000 Fcfa

PRO +              Hasta 2.560 Kbps

   800.000 Fcfa

PREMIUM        Hasta 2.560 Kbps

1.000.000 Fcfa

PREMIUM +     Hasta 3.076 Kbps

1.200.000 Fcfa


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General Contact

Hotel Plaza, hab. 201
Bata - Litoral
Tel: +240 333 080 900

Carretera Perez
Tel: +240 (222 or 555) 513 906

Malabo - Bioko Norte

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